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why visit the Dental Hygienist?

Simple: they will save your teeth!

•Healthy gums don't bleed.


•19 in 20 of us have gum disease. Most of us don't even know it.


•Gum disease is a major cause of bad breath.


•Gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss.


•New research confirms that gum disease is linked to chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


Regular visits to a good hygienist will reduce the risk of gum disease, and ensure that the bone which is holding your teeth in your mouth is healthy. When gum disease progresses, bone is lost and the teeth become wobbly, eventually getting infected or even falling out. Gum disease has also been linked with a number of major systemic diseases such as infection of heart valves and diabetes so it really is not something to be underestimated.


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Sounds good.


As a result this will save you time and money with the dentist, whose role will be limited to monitoring your teeth rather than restoring your teeth following episodes of decay.


Sounds even better!




In truth, you don't, but in general your gums will:


•look light pink in colour, not red.


•not look puffy or sore.


•DO NOT bleed.


•do not have tartar (calculus) on them.


When we examine your teeth, we also look very closely at your gums and have a good way of measuring their health. We can score your gums on a scale of 0 to 4 and compare your scores at each visit to track the improvement in gum health.


The British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) say that 95% of us suffers from gum disease, many of us do not realise this or that the condition could have serious consequences. Gum disease cannot be cured, but it does develop very slowly. Once identified the progression maybe reduced or halted.





Gum disease is any inflammation or infection in the tissues that support your teeth. It is caused by plaque bacteria that stick to the surface of your teeth and gums. In the early stages it is usually symptom free, but can with time develop into more serious gingivitis or periodontal disease.


There is evidence that gum disease runs in families, but it is usually poor cleaning that that is the main factor. Smoking is another factor The best way to prevent any of this happening is to visit a hygienist regularly, so call for an appointment today


how do i know if my gums are healthy?

the causes of gum disease:


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